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Where Have All the People Gone?

December 3rd, 2008


Today’s picture is another daytime shot from St Lawrence Gap area of Barbados. This part of the Gap is where a lot of the action happens and during the night this stretch is full of people out enjoying themselves.

As you can see it is almost like a ghost town during the day, it is hard to believe it is a hot bed of action during the night. But believe me the place changes dramatically during the evening and it comes alive with part goers, families, street vendors and loads of bars and eating places looking for your company!

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The Gap Looks Completely Different During the Day

December 2nd, 2008

St Lawrence Gap in Barbados is the main party area on the Island, and during the night time you will find a throng of people out and about enjoying themselves along with a constant flow of traffic. During the day it is a completely different place, you get very little traffic and only a handful of people walking around.

This picture was taken at nice wee picturesque spot looking out to the Caribbean Sea and the wee boats sitting in the Bay. It sure is a nice place to sit enjoying a cool drink.

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